trx ab workout

TRX Ab Workout – ¬†Or just an ab workout ūüėČ

Are you ready to work your abs, really engage your Transverse Abdominus (just a heads up, I’m pretty obsessed with this muscle, ESPECIALLY for postpartum mamas!), and even get a burn in your upper body? ¬†Then check out this quick trx ab workout circuit that is done entirely on TRX straps. ¬† (Full length demo at bottom of post!)


No straps?  No problem!

You can do this two other ways:

  • Use a stability ball. ¬†This will make it harder and for the mountain climbers, just drop your feet off the ball and do them with your feet on the floor.
  • Use a set of sliding discs (I use these sliding discs, which work on carpet or hard flooring) and do these on the floor. ¬†This is an easier modification.
  • Use paper plates or socks¬†instead of sliding discs!

How to work this TRX ab workout into your routine:

When I had more time to exercise (you know, before I had kids!) I would insert this into a larger circuit and repeat 3-4 times. ¬†Now, this might be all I do (still repeating 3 or 4 times) and then I just add in a couple of other exercises if I have time, like push ups and pull ups. ¬†If you are struggling to get your workouts done, then just do this and repeat as many times as you can. ¬†You’ll get a burn in your upper body from the isometric hold.

trx ab workoutForm pointers:





Remember the following:

  • Keep your head in good cervical alignment. ¬†Don’t crank your head up or let it drop down!¬†Keep it in a nice straight line with your spine.
  • Don’t let your torso sag or hike your butt up in the air. ¬†Again, think of one straight line from hips to the top of your head.
  • Stay strong in your shoulders. ¬†Said another way: don’t let your body sag down into your shoulder joint. Think of pulling your upper back away from your arms to help with this.
  • Engage your TA (transverse abdominus). ¬†It’s easy to go through the motions and not get the most out of the exercises. ¬†Remember: the TA is the ab muscle that runs horizontally under your rectus abdominus and acts like a corset. ¬† To engage it, think of pulling in slightly while drawing your rib cage down so that it doesn’t flare out. ¬†Also think of pulling up through your pelvic floor. ¬† Really think about engaging this muscle during the exercises.


The workout:
  • 10 pikes
  • 15 double knee pull-ins
  • 40 mountain climbers (20 each side)
  • Bonus- oblique twists (5 each side if possible- I didn’t demo all of these)
View the entire thing now!


A Final word: ¬†there’s a one-minute preview on Instagram and Facebook. ¬†Are you following me there? ūüėČ ¬†Links in sidebar.