healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Are you crazy for breakfast, or do you tend to skip it?  I’m super crazy about breakfast.  I look forward to it.  I could easily eat breakfast for lunch or dinner.  In fact, when I was pregnant I ate 3 over-medium eggs every. damn. day. for lunch (with sourdough toast…yum!).  I’m not going to throw the sourdough toast in this Healthy Breakfast Ideas Guide, though.  Why? Well, because it’s white bread, and while it tastes amazing, unless you are making it at home from a quality flour, there are better options out there.   If increasing your nutrient intake and eating high-quality meals (with a lower carb and/or calorie count) is your focus, then read on!  (PS- all of these items are toddler approved!)


healthy breakfast ideasIt’s probably no surprise that eggs top my list of healthy breakfast foods.  They are remarkably versatile- scrambled, over easy, poached, hard-boiled…there is so much you can do!  Here are my favorite ways to eat them:




  • Over Easy over a plate of sauteed veggies (mushrooms, kale, green onions and zucchini is my go-to veggie platter).  Add avocado and sweet potato hash!
  • Over a plate of Cauliflower Hash Browns
  • Scrambled, with a side of Oatmeal (see below)
  • Hard boiled, with a plate of roasted veggies and fruit.

Other ways to utilize eggs to work in more veggies and protein:

Paleo Frittata Muffins

Paleo Egg, Ham and Veggie Wrap


Let’s talk carbs a moment, shall we?

I personally need complex carbs in my diet, and I have found that the morning is the best time for me to consume them.  It gives me energy to get through my day, to fuel my workouts, and it gives my meals satiety (that “full” feeling).  So I do eat carbs with almost every breakfast.  If you are like me and need carbs, here are some ideas:


healthy breakfast ideas oatmeal

This isn’t the most inspiring photo, but this is what it looks like before I cook it.  If you have made slow-cooked oatmeal from scratch (you know, not from a packet or container) then it may have turned out bland.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  Pre-packaged oatmeal is often full of sugar so chuck those packets into the trash, get a bulk bag of slow-cooking oats from the store, and make your own healthier version!



Combine 1/4 cup uncooked oats (this has 150 calories) with 1 chopped date (I use Deglet for this purpose), 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and a handful of frozen blueberries (or whatever fruit you prefer).  I also sometimes add a dash of cinnamon and salt.  You could even put in a tiny amount of vanilla extract.

Cook for 3 minutes, then stir and assess the situation, and cook for another minute or so, until all the liquid has absorbed.  (side note: use a big bowl because the oats can easily bubble over and create a huge mess in your microwave!  Ask me how I know…)

I don’t find this to be enough for me, but I’m a big breakfast eater!  I eat this with a couple of eggs.

Sweet potato hash:

Need a paleo option?  Sweet potato hash!  It’s fantastic under eggs or all by it’s lonesome.  It is also a nice partner in crime with avocado.  Simply cute a sweet potato into cubes, give it a coat of olive oil and salt, and roast for 25-35 minutes at 425 degrees F.  I like to roast mine in my cast iron skillet, but you can also roast on top of a Silicone Baking Mat for an easy-to-clean solution.

Avocado Toast:

Mash an avocado and season with a little salt (and lime juice) and spread over a couple of slices of Ezekiel Bread.  Serve with a side of ham, sausage or eggs for protein.

Sweeter Healthy Breakfast Ideas:

I often crave sweet flavors in the morning. The oatmeal usually will satisfy this for me, but if you want something besides oatmeal that’s easy then try Plain Greek Yogurt with fresh berries.  Please do not buy the stuff with fruit and sweeteners already added.  There is a better nutrient payoff with fresh berries, not to mention less sugar.  If you absolutely cannot handle green yogurt on it’s own (even with the berries), then add a small dash of honey or maple syrup.

Finally, you could just have a smoothie for breakfast.  I have started adding a small handful of oats to some of my smoothies and if your smoothie is a breakfast replacement or if you are a nursing mama then this is a great addition…1/8 of a cup doesn’t change the flavor of the smoothie, but 1/4 cup does, so I usually stick with 1/8 cup uncooked oats.

Here’s my Berry Basil smoothie recipe to get you started:

  • 2″ chunk of cucumber
  • 1 cup frozen berry mix (or your favorite berries)
  • 1 apple
  • 1/4 avocado (healthy fats)
  • 1/8 cup uncooked oats (optional)
  • 2 medjool dates
  • 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt (for protein)
  • small handful fresh basil
  • unsweetened vanilla almond milk (to reach desired consistency)


I hope some of these healthy breakfast ideas have inspired you to eat a healthier breakfast!  What’s your favorite healthy breakfast?  Let me know in the comments below!