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Pushing Exercises Strength Training Routine

There are many ways to structure a strength training routine. As part of the week long fitness challenge I decided to structure it with a “push” routine and a “pull” routine so that you won’t be giving one set of muscles a rest while working the others.  This is your pushing exercises strength training routine!

Pushing Exercises generally utilize the quadriceps, glutes, shoulders, chest and triceps, and this workout will hit all of those muscles.   You will need various weighted dumbbells for this workout, and I recommend using a minimum of 15 lbs (each, so a total of 30 lbs) for your legs.  I will note my weights below.

Workout Breakdown:

The ” pushing exercises strength routine ” consists of two strength circuits.  You will repeat all of the exercises in Circuit #1 for a total of 3-4 times (depending on your fitness level and time) before moving on to Circuit #2, which you will repeat for a total of 3 times.  This workout should take about 25-30 minutes to complete.

Circuit 1:

  • Goblet Squats (10 reps). You will need one heavy dumbbell.  I am using 25lbs. (Watch the video to see how to hold the dumbbell properly if you have never heard of a goblet squat.  You hold it like a goblet. 😉 )
  • Half-Kneeling Single Arm Shoulder Press. .8-10 reps I use a 20lb dumbbell…if you are a beginner I recommend starting with 10lbs and if you can easily repeat 8-10 reps then increase your weight.
  • Push Ups. 10 reps.  If you cannot do straight leg push ups on the floor then I recommend doing them straight legged with your arms elevated.  You can try a stable chair, couch, bench, etc , or a step.  Find an elevation that challenges you at 8-10 reps.  Doing push ups with your arms elevated is much more effective in progressing you down to the floor vs. push ups on your knees.

Circuit 2:

  • Static Lunges (aka split squats).  10 reps.  I am using 20lb dumbbells (total weight 40 lbs)
  • Plie squat into hip rotation/dumbbell press*  View the video for clear demo.  10-12 reps.  I use a 15 lb dumbbell, however start light until you get the hang of this exercise.  Proper technique is more important than heavy weight!
  • Incline Chest Press.  You can lean against a chair, bench or a stability ball against a wall.  I am using the ball.  I use 15 lb dumbbells.
  • Dips with optional weight.  30 reps.  Level 1:  Dips on floor, no weight.  Options for added difficulty:  add a weight to your lap (I am using a 15lb dumbbell).  After 10 reps, lift one leg for added difficulty; after 10 reps switch legs for remaining 10 reps.


Don’t forget to Warm Up (full post here) before beginning:

Ready to do your Pushing Exercises Strength Training Routine?

Let’s get started!  Don’t forget to stop if anything hurts, modify if needed, and ThePragmaticUnicorn.com and Cari assume no liability.

What did you think about this “pushing exercises strength training” routine?  Do you like working with the push/pull split?  Let me know in the comments below!