Full body dumbbell workout

Full Body Dumbbell Workout

This full body dumbbell workout takes about thirty minutes (and that includes a lot of exercise breakdowns in the video).  It starts with heavier leg work coupled with plyometrics, then moves into Compound Exercises that will work both your upper and lower body, before we finally move to the floor to work our glutes and core.  The workout decreases in intensity as the workout goes on.  Sounds good, right?

Workout Details:

We’ll start by working just the legs.  Grab your heaviest dumbbells!   My weights are shown below along with the rep range. Part 1:

  • Squats (I use 50 lbs total).  12 reps
  • Plyometrics- jump squats.  32 reps, no weight
  • Static Lunges (50 lbs total). 10 reps
  • Sprint shooters (no weight).  16 reps
  • Repeat lunges/shooters on other leg
  • Deadlifts (50 lbs total). 12-16 reps
  • Flying Angels, 16 reps or Jumping Jacks, 32 reps.  No Weight

Next are compound exercises. Part 2:

  • Squat into Overhead Press (15lbs, 30 lbs total).  12 reps
  • Renegade Row into Side Snatch (full breakdown in Video).  (12 pounds, 24 lbs total). 5-6 reps.
  • Plié squat into high pulls.  (15 lbs, 30 lbs total).  12 reps
  • Alternating Reverse Lunges with Hammer Curls.  (12 lbs, 24lbs total, could have gone heavier).  16 reps (8 each side).

Finally is floor work!  You will need lighter dumbbells (I used 10, 12 and 15)  Part 3:

  • Hip Thrusters.  I used one 15 lb dumbbell.  40 reps.  10 with both feet on floor, 10 with left leg up, 10 with both feet on floor, 10 with right leg elevated.  If this hurts your back in any way just do it with both feet on the floor!
  • Planks with leg lift.  No weight needed…please feel free to do the modifications shown in the video!
  • Russian Twist.  12 lb dumbbell (could have gone heavier).  I lost count…16 reps?
  • Pullovers into sit ups.  Please watch the video for full breakdown!  10 lbs (20 total).  10 reps.
You know what to do…warm up!

Don’t forget to Warm Up properly!.

And here is your full body dumbbell workout…the last workout of the week-long challenge!

Don’t forget to stop if anything hurts, modify if needed, and ThePragmaticUnicorn.com and Cari assume no liability.

I hope you’ve had a fit and healthy week!