medicine ball metabolic circuit

Medicine Ball Metabolic Circuit

This medicine ball metabolic circuit is quick- it’s the perfect finisher for a strength training workout!  It will get your heart rate up while still strengthening your body.

There are four rounds of exercises, lasting 30 seconds to 1 minute with a short rest in between.  You can repeat for 3-4 times for a nice metabolic boost that will keep you burning fat for a few hours after your workout!

The deets:

I’m using a 15 lb medicine ball.  The four exercises are:

  • Medicine Ball Slams into Burpees (with the pushup!)
  • Squat into ball chest press
  • Rainbow Slams with lunges
  • Pullover situp into overhead press

For exercises 1 and 4 (the slams/burpees and pullovers/press), I would go 50 seconds and rest 10-15 seconds in between.  For exercises 2 and 3 (squat/press and rainbow slams) I would go 30 seconds with a 10-15 second rest.

In the video I did each exercise only 30 seconds and exercises 1 and 4 were too easy with only 30 seconds of work.  The alternative is to grab a heavier ball!  15lbs is the heaviest I have, so I need to just go a little longer.

The video!

I only demonstrated two rounds, because in all honesty, I started to get nervous that the ball was going to crack my kitchen tile.  I normally do my workouts in my home office/gym, which has luxury vinyl tile that is virtually indestructible.

If you want to do this workout along with me (I know it’s a lot easier to just hit “play”and follow along!) then just repeat the video for rounds 3 and 4. 😉

Massimo thinks the medicine ball slams are hilarious so you’ll hear him giggling throughout the entire workout!

Also, don’t forget to warm up first! (click here for my warmup).

Here you go!


Any questions? Let me know in the comments below!